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Welcome to the Health Institute of North Carolina.

For over 29 years, Dr. David Pascal has been treating patients
with a focus on supporting the whole body while addressing the underlying cause and not just the symptoms of his patients concerns.

Educated in the most advanced neurological techniques, Dr. Pascal of the Health Institute of North Carolina is able to diagnose and often attain remarkable results where many thought help was no longer possible.

If you're suffering from Allergies, Neck Pain, Headaches, Back Pain, Migraines, Hormone Issues, Fibromyalgia, Neurologic Problems, Athletic Injuries or Digestion Issues — we are here to help. 

Contact us today and schedule your in depth consultation with
Dr. Pascal and start on a new path toward lasting health.  

                              CALL FOR APPOINTMENT:
                             (919) 380-8000

Dr. David Pascal is a Quantum Neurology Certified Practitoner and one of the original doctors trained in the Neurologic Relief Center Technique. Patients seeking Dr. Pascal's care travel from around the world to receive treatment for their challenging health issues.

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