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"De-Stress Your Life"

 Coaching Program

Dr. Pascal believes addressing his patient's mental and emotional stress is an important part of the healing process.

For this purpose he has invited Life Coach Lynleigh Rose into his practice, to provide Stress Assessments and take his patients through a 6-week "De-Stress Your Life" program.


This program includes weekly 1- hour video or phone sessions with Lynleigh. Through these sessions, emotional issues that may be contributing to a physical issue are uncovered, and the path to emotional healing becomes illuminated.

Contact today here to receive 20% off the entire program. 


About Lynleigh Rose


Lynleigh has a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling from Springfield College, and Life Coaching experience all over the US, including Europe. She grew up in Southern California and made her way to North Carolina in 2015. Lynleigh has three children and has been passionate about health her whole life. She practices yoga, runs in nature, and eats a plant based diet to stay healthy. 

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